Runner’s Support Package

For anyone who wants to run better, faster, further and safer

Master your technique
Get to grips with the basics of running or master your technique. We'll guide you on posture, form, breath work and pacing, making each stride count.
Improve efficiency
Master the art of efficient running. We'll help you optimise energy use, ensuring you go further and faster with less effort.
Reduce risk of injury
The Runner's Support Package helps to reduce the risk of injury by teaching safe running practices. This includes effective warm-ups, stretching and body awareness to minimise your injury risk.
Get stronger
Build your strength with our bespoke training plan. Strong runners are healthier runners who have lower risk of injury and better economy, allowing you to go further, faster.
Get Faster
Fulfil your need for speed. With specialised drills along with plyometric training we will help you beat your personal bests.

Package Includes

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Sessions are entirely flexible and can be structured how you wish, or let me guide you.
Payment is for 4 x 1.5 hr sessions per month, you can also divide your sessions splitting the time in the week.
Running technique and drills
Strength training
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Andy Coley Maud, International xc and road athlete
"I’ve worked weekly with Sam now for 2 years.

The starting point for our partnership was repeated injuries interrupting my builds ups to competitions and often derailing months of committed training.

Initially, we focused on injury prevention and building a more robust body. This has evolved into improving my running biomechanics and developing speed and power. I’m now quicker at sprinting as a V40 than I’ve ever been, and this tailored approach has enabled me to continue to perform at a national level against far younger competition.

I was initially nervous about sacrificing a running opportunity to replace it with “S&C”, but It’s now the most enjoyable and critical session of my training plan.

Sam always keeps activities varied, fun and bespoke to me utilising biomechanical analysis, running and sprint drills, strength and conditioning and plyometrics to redress imbalances and weaknesses and get my body ready for the specific demands of my events.

I’d encourage you to give it a go and see how it can unlock and amplify all the effort you put into your training whilst helping to eliminate the frustrations of injury plagued training blocks."
Sam’s programme has helped me address muscle imbalances that have previously led to injury, and are helping me to achieve my longer term goals.

The drills, exercises and plyometrics Sam has taught me are the fundamentals of running that keep you running fast and injury free, elements which most people overlook in pursuit of higher mileage and more intensity. In just 12 weeks, my time over the 5km has improved substantially to under 17 minutes. My work with Sam means I can run more, run for longer, and be safe in the knowledge I am set up for a long life of running.
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Rebecca Brennan Ultra Distance athlete
Rebecca Brennan Ultra Distance athlete
I have been running for over 20 years, starting with road running and moving up to longer and more mountainous terrain, Sam has been instrumental to my recent development as an ultra athlete and I have been working with him consistently now on running drills, plyometrics and running specific strength, not only has my ultra running improved allowing me to complete targets such as the Bob Graham, so to have my shorter runs, knocking 2 mins of my 10K time, and 6 mins off my half marathon time.

20 years on and I’m getting more and more PB’s, with less milage, more focus and 30% more leg strength, which is measured after every training block. I’m stronger, more knowledgable and more motivated than ever before, and looking forward to new targets for 2024. Sam is more than a Physio, he is a performance coach who works with individuals to shape their development.


The main goal of the Runner's Support Package is to help individuals run better, faster, further, and safer. This is achieved through guidance on posture, form, breathing techniques, pacing, efficient energy use, safe running practices, and strength building.
The package costs £240 per month. It includes 4 sessions per month, each lasting 1.5 hours. These sessions are entirely flexible and can be structured according to your preference, or you can let the trainer guide you. You also have the option to divide your sessions and split the time throughout the week.
The Runner's Support Package helps to reduce the risk of injury by teaching safe running practices. This includes effective warm-ups, stretching, and body listening to minimise your injury risk.
If you have any further questions or enquiries don't hesitate to contact us.
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