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Pace Therapies have been providing Physiotherapy in Guildford since 2009 from our clinic room in the Guildford Spectrum Centre.

Our professional team of Physiotherapists have trained for many years to help treat the underlying causes of pain and limitations in movement and function.

We have at our disposal a variety of treatment approaches to help individuals get out of discomfort, regain mobility and maximise their physical potential, including exercise prescription, soft tissue techniques (e.g. massage) and joint mobilisation & acupuncture.

Physiotherapists promote healthy lifestyles and independent exercise. At PACE Therapies, we treat each patient individually, tailor-making treatment plans following a thorough assessment.

Not only can a Physiotherapist help with injuries, but having regular Physiotherapy is also great for injury prevention.

Your body is an amazing machine, but it breaks down without care. Physiotherapists are expert caretakers of your body's muscles, joints, and bones. They are trained in anatomy, exercise science, and physical medicine. Their goal is to prevent injuries, restore function, and improve quality of life. If you have experienced any of the following, then you should book an appointment to see a physiotherapist.

What can Physiotherapists help with?

Regardless of your age or activity level, Physiotherapy can be helpful for a range of injuries and health conditions, such as:
Shoulder, back, hip and knee pain
Sports related injuries
Joint pains, muscular and ligament strains and sprains
Arthritic pain
Syndromes such as Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, ITB (iliotibial band) pain, Runners knee, achilles tendon pain etc
Occupational and repetitive strain injuries
Post-operative rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does a physiotherapist do?
The focus of physiotherapy is to help people regain independence. Independence over their day to day lives or control over what ever condition they present with.
Do you only offer sports physio?
No, sports physio & sports injuries are my specialism, but the same principles apply to the whole population.
How many sessions will I need?
I aim to treat you in as few sessions as possible. I will try to give you independence in whatever condition you see me by providing you with exercises at home. The more strictly you stick to these exercises, the number of sessions you'll require will reduce.
What do I need to wear?
It is more than likely that you’ll need to expose the area you want assessing, so wear clothes that you feel comfortable in that allows access to that body part. So a singlet, sports bra, pair of shorts etc. But of course, your comfort & care is the main concern.
What is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that helps patients improve their physical function through therapy. It encompasses many different treatments for different conditions to provide a solution to any discomfort you may be experiencing.
What is the cost of Physiotherapy?
The cost of physiotherapy here at Pace Therapies ranges from: £50 - £60 per session.

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Professional Physiotherapists at PACE Therapies

Sam Bishop
Physiotherapy Guildford Sam Bishop
Sam qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from Keele University. Before that, he completed a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Manchester Met University.
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Pace Therapies has developed an excellent reputation over the years, part of which is down to our staff. We are fortunate enough to have great staff who are passionate about their job. As well as the passion, the staff are well-trained and have experience in their medical field.
Pace Therapies - Established since 2009 in Surrey, PACE Therapies have been providing Physiotherapy and Sports Massage at Guildford Spectrum.
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