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Date: July 4, 2021

What To Look For When Finding A Physio

Today I’m going to give a quick guide to the various things you will need to look out for when searching for a physio.

Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that improves the way the body functions. Once you’ve received physiotherapy benefits that you can expect to see are greater ranges of movement, better flexibility, even improved coordination and strength and a reduction in pain.

The most common reasons why people may need to visit a physiotherapist are sports-related injuries, arthritis, post-surgery and the old classic, back pain just to mention a few.

The majority of people will only decide to see a Physiotherapist when they already have a problem or they’re already suffering. We can all understand that, why would people want to spend money on treatment if nothing is hurting?

Well, we’re all aware how annoying it is when you’re unable to train or undertake daily tasks due to injury. So give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding injury with a regular massage or a Physiotherapy ‘MOT’. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

BUPA Registered

When finding a physiotherapist in Guildford, one of the best tools at your disposal is searching to see if the physio is registered with the CSP and HCPC, the governing bodies of Physiotherapy and also with healthcare providers such as BUPA or Nuffield.

Types of Treatment

Check out our Physiotherapy In Guildford page to see all the types of treatment we offer here at PACE Therapies. As you’ll see there are a lot more to Physiotherapy than just massage and hands-on treatment. If you would like to know any more information regarding what we offer, comment below or head to our contact page for more details.

What To Wear

Physio Guildford

Many individuals can be uncertain of what sort of clothes to put on when attending treatment for the first time. Loose fitting clothes which permit stretching is the most suitable choice. It will allow the physiotherapist treating you the best range of motion you can obtain which can assist with diagnosing the injury or problem.

Does Treatment Hurt?

This depends on the person. Some individuals feel pain reduction nearly instantly with a greater range of movement, improved flexibility and decreased stiffness.

Alternatively, some individuals feel soreness for a couple of days after treatment. This particularly happens after the deep tissue massage as the area can become bruised. However, that is nothing to worry about.

What about during the treatment?

Physio’s are individuals too, so constant feedback to them through the treatment will only give you an improved experience. You’ll also receive the best possible treatment for your particular issue.

Do They offer Additional Treatment

apart from muscle massage therapy, does the physio provide any type of different therapy like dry needling, postural correction or pilates. Typically, these therapies can complement the therapy you might be receiving.


If you’re trying to ease your pain through physio treatment, then a professional & qualified physiotherapist can assist enormously. Subsequently, if you wish to cure your problem for good, it is suggested that time is put aside for research and simply asking around for the best physio clinic available to you.

Checking google reviews is always a good start.

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