Kinesio Taping

What is Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping originated in Japan and is seen on many professional sports people these days, from runners, tennis players, footballers, rugby players, golfers, etc.

It is a sticky, elasticated tape, which when applied gives flexible support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. It sticks to and ‘lifts’ the skin over the muscle tissues, allowing better circulation of blood and lymph fluid underneath.
In cases of injury the improved circulation assists a speedy recovery, and by lifting the skin away from pain receptors, the level of discomfort is also reduced. By allowing better movement of lymph fluid, the Kinesio Tape is also very useful when needing to reduce swelling to an area as the fluid is able to drain away faster, again aiding faster recovery and better mobility.
Kinesio Tape can be used anywhere on the body to treat a variety of symptoms including; muscular facilitation or inhibition in pediatric patients, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, hand / wrist pain, lower back strain/pain, sciatic pain, MCL / ACL pain, knee conditions, hamstring tears, groin injury, rotator cuff and shoulder damage, whiplash, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, patella tracking, ITB pain, runners knee, Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, pre and post surgical swelling, ankle and foot sprains, preventative and supportive taping.

Tape can stay on for up to a week, you can shower/play sport with it on, it just gets patted dry afterwards.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Benefits of Physiotherapy?
By carefully monitoring an individual’s capacity which includes flexibility, coordination, strength and joint movement throughout the Physiotherapy session, the therapist can formulate some useful training routines to assist in reducing any sport-related injuries like cramps, strains, sprains and torn ligaments.
Can physiotherapy improve my flexibility?
Flexibility is one other issue that determines an individuals functionality – how well the person is able to move in their day to day life, as well as through their sports or hobbies.

Virtually all activities require an element of flexibility. Physiotherapy can help enhance the flexibility of a person in order for them to perform to their optimum ability. Without the correct degree of flexibility, an injury might happen.

As we get older naturally our flexibility decreases, As time goes on this can impede our everyday lives. This could include things like running for the bus, playing with your children/grandchildren, enjoying hobbies like Golf and Tennis. Regular Physiotherapy can help increase your range of movement and maintain your flexibility so you can perform everyday functions with less pain and restriction.
How much do physios charge?
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