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Date: July 4, 2021

Running in Guildford

In this article, we will look at the best Running Clubs in Guildford, why you should start running & the importance of recovering after training sessions.

Why Run?

running clubs in guildford

Running is a terrific sport and provides many advantages for anybody wishing to participate. It’s relatively straightforward to get started, and the benefits can be felt very quickly after starting.

The essential gear needed isn’t that costly, and there is no ongoing need to spend your hard-earned money to keep up your participation.

It doesn’t need to take up lots of time, and a lot of pleasure can be found in training just a few times a week and competing in a race, if you chose, every once in a while.

Training can be done virtually anywhere, and you will find many new and different locations to participate in competitive races.

It’s a great cardiovascular exercise, which is good for your heart and lungs and your general well being. It could help keep your physique in excellent condition by burning excess energy each time you run, making it a useful weight management tool.

Regular running can also make it easier to build up muscle strength, which will make it a lot easier to undertake everyday life with ease. It is an effective way to deal with stress and issues that a chore would be taken in your stride once it appeared. It can reduce the danger of sicknesses like high blood pressure, coronary heart issues, diabetes, and arthritis.

Another significant benefit for the runner is the social aspect. You’ll be able to meet and run with a wide range of like-minded people. Running with people who share the same targets is excellent and will help greatly encourage you. Becoming a member of a local running club is an excellent way of maintaining motivation and learning more about running.

Running Clubs in Guildford

Now we’re going to look at the various running clubs & groups situated in Guildford.
Before looking for a club or group, your first question would be what type of running am I looking to do & how competitive do I want to get with it. These factors will sway what best suits you.

Guildford and Godalming Athletics Club

First on the list is Guildford and Godalming Athletics Club. Guildford & Godalming AC is an energetic athletics club catering to athletes of all levels, right through age groups from year 6 in school to high-class veterans. This mixture of youth established stars and experience makes for an excellent club spirit of which the members are justly proud.
They also have a road running club catering to runners of all ages and abilities, from 5k fun-runners to serious marathon runners. They now have a membership count of around 400 members.

Training Times

For track training, This usually takes place at:
Guildford Spectrum Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30 pm
Road Runners also meet at Spectrum Track at 7 pm.

Waverley Harriers

Next is Waverley Harriers. Waverley Harriers are a small and friendly running club primarily based within the Godalming and Farncombe, Surrey area. South of Guildford. The club has runners of all ages and abilities, from those seeking to improve their health to running marathons and ultras. They meet regularly for both casual runs and structured training classes each on and off-road. They participate within the Southern Cross Country League during the winter months. Lots of the members also compete in local races all year.

Training Times

The club has several sessions every week; a Tuesday evening interval training session, a Thursday night social run and a Sunday morning long run.
The best session to join in on is the Thursday night run. If you are new to the club, ask for any of the run leaders who will assist you in finding the appropriate group to run with. There shall be some groups running at many different paces. To get the most out of a Thursday, you ought to be comfy running a minimum of 5 miles (8k) in an hour.

Guildford park run

Another fantastic resource is Guildford ParkRun, and these fun 5km runs are now attended by 100’s of people each weekend looking to improve their times or to have fun, located each Saturday morning in Guildford’s Stoke Park.


Like many people going through any physical activity, recovery is one of the most critical aspects. If you aren’t recovering correctly before the next session, you put yourself at a higher risk of injury.

This is where Sports Massage & Physiotherapy can play a vital part. One of the best reasons to get a sports massage is to help your muscles, tendons and joints to move through their full range of movements.

As you are supposed to do a pre-workout warm-up, you need your muscles to be pliable and your joints to be warmed up before any strenuous exercise. Most injuries come about by overusing your muscles.

Overuse may end up in soreness, aches, and inflammation. Frequently scheduled sports massage can lower the chances of overuse injuries in the first place and can even assist cut back any swelling. Sports massage can also reduce the possible chances of recurring injuries.

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